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How to get good, clean prints when printing from this website (or others!).
Printing from the internet can be frustrating! Here are some important tips to help you print from the web. The hardest part with printing from the internet is that there are usually ugly lines on the top and bottom of the page :( Who wants that?? Anyway, you can easily get rid of those lines of text! You just need to clear the HEADER and FOOTER in the Page Setup! While you are in there you can also change the orientation (print direction), the margins, the sizing, and other settings! Here is how to do that for most browsers:

Ink & Paper Settings
In addition to your browser settings, you can change the settings on your printer to vary the quality and speed of your prints. There are too many printers for me to make tutorials on how to do that all here, but you should have a 'Printing Preferences' option when you print or in your Control Panel.